Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
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Located in and around Nashville, Tennessee, VUMC is renowned for its acclaimed teaching hospital and its groundbreaking development of electronic health records. The VUMC Drug Allergy Clinic provides care for those experiencing allergic reactions to particular medications, eliminating uncertainty for those with potential drug allergies through comprehensive consultation and evaluation.

Elizabeth Phillips, MD

Dr. Phillips is an internationally-renowned physician-scientist studying the immunopathogenesis of severe immunologically mediated adverse drug reactions and the translation of immunogenetics into clinical practice. She is recognized as a leader in the field of drug allergy and have organized international collaborative research networks that have fostered interdisciplinary research and training environments. She led the discovery of new drug-HLA associations likely to translate into the clinical setting. As a physician scientist at VUMC, Dr. Phillips also runs a dedicated clinic in drug allergy that enrolls patients into research studies, including USDAR. 

Cosby Stone, Jr. MD, MPH

Dr. Stone is an allergist-immunologist at VUMC who is studying beta-lactam allergy with a focus on immediate (IgE-mediated) hypersensitivity.